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                                Recycle Your Used Ink Jet Printer/fax Cartridges
a World of Difference

                                            AAA ENVIRONMENTAL, INC.
                                            www .aaaenvironmentalinc.com

We as concerned citizens believe that one of our responsibilities is to help keep our environment clean within our community.   In an effort to place fewer plastic products
into our landfills, we are considering a partnership with Enviro Smart/ AM Environmental, Inc. to institute a new and exciting recycling program that can provide a positive cash flow for our library.

The use of Ink Jet cartridges is increasing rapidly. This recycling program has been developed for our use as a fund-raising program. We are looking for empty good condition Ink Jet Printer/Fax Cartridges that you may be using in your home/office printer/fax machines.   If you are presently using Ink Jet technology and are throwing your used cartridges away, please call us.

We will supply you "mail-in" bags that are pre-addressed and have proper postage.  
Each time you change your printer, fax, plotter, cad, etc. cartridge, please place the used cartridge in the mail-in bag and send off to the retrieval center. MA Environmental, Inc. will be paying our library money for every good condition cartridge that is recovered.

We believe this to be an excellent way to clean up our environment and do our part in keeping this plastic out of our landfills. We also believe this to be an excellent way to
raise much needed funds with no cost to us.

Together We Can Make A Difference!

Thank You!